Taking The Guesswork Out Of Storage

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9 Things To Do When Storing Your Vehicle

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Whether you are storing your car for the season or for much longer, proper preparation is key to making sure the vehicle comes out of storage in just as good of condition as the day it went in. The following checklist can help you properly prepare your car for storage. #1: Choose your storage facility The best facility option is one that has climate-controlled indoor storage. Climate controlled means your car won’t be subjected to any extreme temperatures or humidity while it is in storage. Read More»

Live In A Small Apartment? Rent A Storage Unit To Pick Up New Hobbies

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When you picked out your apartment, you may have known that it was small and that you would be somewhat limited with storage capacity. While you may have bought essential furniture pieces and decorations, you may find that picking up hobbies is tough due to limited space. If you want to start diving into hobbies that require you to buy items that can take up a decent amount of space, you should consider renting a storage unit as your long-term solution. Read More»

Living In A Small Apartment? Rent A Storage Unit To Stay Comfortable In The Unit

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When you first move into a small apartment, you may have more than enough space because you have yet to go shopping for furniture, decorations, and small appliances. But, after the first year or two, you may find yourself living in an apartment that feels more cluttered than before. If you like the apartment that you live in, and your main gripe is that you do not have enough storage space, you should consider going with an easy solution by renting a storage unit. Read More»